AIDS Partnership Michigan

1-800-872-aids or click here

testing & locations

Testing takes about a half hour, is relatively
painless and entirely confidential. Come
alone or with a partner. Every attempt will
be made to make you feel comfortable. Most
sites don’t require an appointment, but you
will need to call ahead to verify hours. At
most sites, you can get in within 24 hours.

everyone has an hiv status ... do
you know yours?

Facts: about 1.1 million people in the
US are infected with HIV; of those, 1 in 5 is
unaware of it. The first step toward better
health is knowing your status. If you’re not
infected, it will be a relief to find out. And if
you are, you can take steps immediately to
help live a long and healthy life as well as to
help protect your sexual partners. So why
wait to be tested? Find a location at right.

Visit to find testing locations near you. Still need info? Give the hotline a call at 800-872-2437.

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