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teens & hiv

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What about abstinence?

Do teenagers really get HIV?

What is the proper way to use a condom?

My boyfriend won’t wear a condom. Now what?

I can’t afford condoms. what are my options?

I’m not gay. I can’t get HIV, right?

Can you get HIV from oral sex?

How do I know if someone has HIV?

Abstinence is the only 100% safe method.

If you choose to be sexually active, always use a latex
condom. They are not 100% foolproof, but the latex does
provide reliable protection against sexually transmitted

Never use petroleum jelly or oil as a lubricant. It weakens
condoms and could cause them to break.

Oral sex is thought to be low-risk, but that does not mean
it is risk-free. You can lower your risk by using barriers like
dental dams or plastic wrap.

If you have had unprotected sex within the past X years, be
tested for HIV and learn your status. APM offers free and
confidential HIV testing and counseling. Learn more.

If you and your partnerTeens & HIV
have both been fully tested
for HIV and other sexually
transmitted diseases and
have passed the waiting
period, you can forego
condoms if you both test
negative. Even then, insist
on using a condom if you
have any reason to believe
your partner has had sex
outside of your relationship.

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