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prevention & support

At APM, prevention takes three forms. First, we encourage everyone to be tested, so they know their
HIV status. Second, we work hard at keeping people HIV-. Finally, we work with people who are
HIV+, to help keep them from transmitting the disease to others. Programs change as needs arise.

apm prevention programs

Status Sexy. We believe that there is nothing more sexy 
than confidence; confidence in yourself, in your 
partners and in the bedroom. The only way for us 
to get that confidence is to know our HIV status. 
Whether you’re negative or positive, knowing your 
status is always sexy. Status Sexy


Mens Testing Initiative (MTI). A national program targeting
men who have sex with men but are unaware of being HIV
infected. Men found to be HIV positive but not receiving
medical care are linked to HIV specialists and are assisted
in addressing other needs by peer navigators.


Testing Together. A HIV testing program that provides an opportunity for
male couples/sexual partners to get tested for HIV together and receive
their results together in a safe, neutral environment in a way that affirms
their relationship and allows for open discussion about safer sex.  


Healthy Relationships. A workshop for men who have sex with men to help them develop problem-solving skills about HIV in their dating lives -- how to broach the subject, when it’s a good time to disclose, reducing risky behaviors, etc. Movie clips are used to encourage discussions.

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