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dec-element-flower.png30 years of AIDS Moments to Remember

Thirty years ago, the CDC published its first mention of the HIV virus. In honor of that anniversary we take a look back at the most important moments in AIDS history.

Click through the timeline to see the people and events who will forever live in our memories. The graph underneath shows the trends of HIV/AIDS-related deaths, HIV diagnosis and the prevalence of those living with HIV or AIDS during this time period.


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pinwheel_dec_element.pngHIV Prevention and Homeless Youth: Fixing a Catastrophic Failure. 

One of the hardest tasks at the Ali Forney Center is telling one of our youths that they have tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Having already been dealt the cruel blows of family rejection and homelessness, our youths struggle daily with despair. When they find out that they are HIV-positive, many of our youths become so despondent that we have to have them hospitalized for risk of suicide.

Every month, 1,000 young people in our nation between the ages of 13 and 24 are infected with HIV. A hugely disproportionate number of these new infections are among LGBT youths of color. There is an undeniable correlation between poverty and HIV infection rates among youths. And the failure of HIV prevention efforts to reduce new infections among these youths is undeniably exacerbated by a lack of clarity and vision in public policy to address how homelessness and poverty force young people into situations where they are at grave risk of infection.


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butterfly_dec_element.pngA few recent stats about HIV/AIDS
around the world.

The AIDS pandemic is almost 30 years old. Sixty million
people have been infected with HIV – more than the com-
bined populations of California and New York. Thirty million
people have died – about the population of Venezuela. The
number of people who will get infected with HIV this year
almost equals the population of Chicago.

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