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Staff Highlights - Clarence Peeples

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Job Title: HIV Prevention Specialist 
Work Duties: Counseling, testing and referral services, Data entry, Skills Building Workshop Facilitation, tobacco study prevention services and case management focus group. Healthy Relationships is the skills building workshop that helps HIV positive men that have sex with men develop problem solving skills in talking to others about having HIV. The core focus of the group is to build healthy relationships with friends family and sex partners. 
How long have you been with APM? How did you get involved?
I've been at APM for 9 years. I decided to get involved in order to help others that were HIV positive navigate some of the issues that can come from living with HIV. From a fear of dying to fear of getting back into the workforce.
Any memorable moments or highlights in your time with APM?
One of the moments that stuck with me was reaching a client who entered the program closed off and didn't think the program would help him. At the end of the workshop, he gave me a card that said "Thank You" in all the different languages; saying that he felt the program changed his life for the better. 
Advice for people living with HIV who need/want to reach out for support?
My advice for people living with HIV who need/want to reach out for supprot is to reach out if they feel they are ready. 
Being around others living with the virus and hearing the way they deal with living with HIV could prove to be invaluable. From networking and making new friends to learning that they are not alone can have a life changing effect on their lives
Hopes for the future of APM. What are you looking forward to as we move forward with the merger?
My hope for the future of APM is that the agency reaches out to and is alloted funding for HIV negative people who support positive friends and family. 
So often I've come across people wanting to support their loved ones with HIV by attending workshops or support groups; only to be told that they do not qualify because they do not have HIV. 
As we move forward with the merger, I'm looking forward to more funding to do more for our clients like provide a bus for transportation and be more adept at meeting even more needs of the people we serve. 

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APM and HARC Unite

APM and HARC unite to strengthen the response to HIV in Southeast Michigan. Press Release.

HIV PrEParedness

Recent funding from Gilead will help AIDS Partnership Michigan provide PrEP education to high-risk populations in Detroit. We are elated to be a part of this groundbreaking advancement in HIV research and prevention.

Partnership Rx Opening - In the effort of becoming a one-stop-shop, providing comprehensive services or our clients, AIDS Partnership Michigan is happy to announce the opening of Partnership Rx as our next-door neighbor. Press Release

APM Chief Program Officer, Hank Millbourne, named honorary chair of The Hotter Than July 20th Anniversary. Article

APM Partnering With University Of Michigan School Of Public Health In Million Dollar Grant Inititave. Press Release.


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