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What’s going on at APM? As usual, we’re busy. Here’s our place to tell you
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Staff Highlights - Aneshia Solomon

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Aneshia (pictured left) is a re-entry medical case manager. She assists clients coming out of jail or prison with getting reconnected to care and continuing that care. "This means that I am often assisting clients with finding housing, applying for insurance and Food Assistance, referring clients to anger management and support groups, informing Parole/Probation officers about meetings and appointments, and various other things that would help client's meet their needs to stay in medical care." 

How Did You Come To Work At APM?

"I was referred to APM by my old supervisor at Vista Maria where I was a youth counselor. The building I was working in was being shut down and our whole team was wondering what we were going to do next. My supervisor pulled me aside one day and told me that she knew of a job that she thought I would be perfect for and gave me the information to apply. I had never worked in HIV before however I have always been in the helping profession so the job seemed to fit." 

Any highlights or memories that have stuck with you since starting here?

"Since I have been here (Feb 14, 2014) I have had many highlights and memories that stand out in my mind. One in particular is one of my very first clients I went to meet on my own in the field. I went to his home and he had just gotten home from being in prison 20+ years. He was diagnosed in prison and never had any conversations with anyone about his status besides the doctor and his brother. The client was really hesitant about meeting me and talking to me at the beginning of the session. I thought it was because he could tell this was my first time at the rodeo. Half way through the session we started talking about support systems and his personal relationships. The client reported that he did not have any support systems and he did not plan on ever being in any relationships. I realized at that moment he just did not want to open up to anyone else about his status. For months he kept saying the same thing over and over stating that he never wanted to put a woman that he cared about through having to deal with him and all of his baggage (his HIV, his felony charges, unemployment and disability). Fast-forward to a few months ago we were going over his service plan and talking about how he was almost to the point of not needing case management services. He looked at me and said, "Aneshia I've come a long way since we first met. I just want to say thank you because you were always so accepting of me and you kept telling me that I could have all the things I wanted." I told him thank you and he stopped me before I could finish my whole "you can be happy and healthy" spiel that I had gotten so used to giving him and said, " because of you and all that talking you did I decided to ask the lady out on a date that I've been sitting next to in bible study and she said yes. I am going on my first date since I was a young man". That was such a major step and to watch him go from being so closed off and uninterested in forming relationships with people to actually asking a lady out on a date was amazing." 

Other Efforts Outside Of The Office?

"MSK Detroit: TalkRadio is under the umbrella of my non profit women's organization My Sistahs Keeper. My Sistahs Keeper provides resources to homeless, battered and/or single women children. While MSK was tabling at a Women's Business Expo to get our name and services out into the community Daisha  (my co-host on the show and a member of the board of directors) gave a brief 2 minute spiel about who we were and what we did. In that 2 minutes Monica Sparks, owner of, walked up to her and interviewed her for her "dhow" on the spot. She stated that after seeing the energy that Daisha gave and my passion for our work she wanted to gift us with a new platform to reach people. We started off with one 30 minute segment a week which quickly turned into a 1 hour segment on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

(MSKDetroit:TalkRadio airs every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 7pm on The MSK girls can be heard on your Smartphone or online. Follow the brand; @MSKDetroit on Twitter; @MskDetroit.TalkRadio on Instagram. Like their page on Facebook; MSKDetroit: TalkRadio. You can also email the ladies at

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HIV PrEParedness

Recent funding from Gilead will help AIDS Partnership Michigan provide PrEP education to high-risk populations in Detroit. We are elated to be a part of this groundbreaking advancement in HIV research and prevention.

Partnership Rx Opening - In the effort of becoming a one-stop-shop, providing comprehensive services or our clients, AIDS Partnership Michigan is happy to announce the opening of Partnership Rx as our next-door neighbor. Press Release

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