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Staff Highlights - Alfredo Smith

How long have you been with APM?
I've been with APM since September of 2007 when I was started as a volunteer at 20, doing HIV 101's at a teen Transitional Living home twice a month. I was hired to be the Small Groups Coordinator for the REC boys in May of 2007, then Rehired for the same position in December 2007 after the contract ended with the Ruth Ellis Center. After REC Boyz program ended I was hired to be a Linkage-To-Care Specialist in 2012.
How did you get involved?
I got involved with APM when a friend who was staff at the time asked me to help him facilitate Safer Sex discussions with homeless teens. I had been a member of an Mpowerment group called Young Brothers United/Mpowerment Detroit for a year and was excited to spread the knowledge I gained from the group. That opened the doors for me to be a coordinator for the REC Boyz Mpowerment program. Working with The REC Boyz completely changed my life. Interacting with other young people from different backgrounds and some of the same issues opened my mind up to what was really going on in my backyard. Being a part of The REC Boyz not only helped me save the lives of my brothers and sisters in the community, but allowed me to be saved as well. I gained a family I never thought I'd have.
Any memorable moments or highlights in your time with APM?
My most memorable moment would HAVE to be the day we closed the doors to The Green Room (REC Boyz program space) It was maybe the most bittersweet moment of my life. More bitter than sweet of course. We had to close the doors to our home, but that day we cried together and laughed together as we bonded over the experiences we shared. My second most memorable moment, and probably the best day of work EVER, was when Life Beat asked us to do a table at a Beyoncé concert!!!! Best day ever!!
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Any work/projects outside of APM you would like to highlight?
The loss of the REC Boyz helped fuel my passion for Advocacy/Activism. Since 2011 I've been working with the Campaign to End AIDS, specifically with there youth caucus. For the last 3 years I've sat as co-chair for the caucus. (currently serving last year) Every Year the Youth Caucus has the Youth Action Institute, which is basically a week long advocacy/activism boot camp for youth interested in doing advocacy work. I'm currently working on YAI 2015 which will be held in New York this August.

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APM and HARC Unite

APM and HARC unite to strengthen the response to HIV in Southeast Michigan. Press Release.

HIV PrEParedness

Recent funding from Gilead will help AIDS Partnership Michigan provide PrEP education to high-risk populations in Detroit. We are elated to be a part of this groundbreaking advancement in HIV research and prevention.

Partnership Rx Opening - In the effort of becoming a one-stop-shop, providing comprehensive services or our clients, AIDS Partnership Michigan is happy to announce the opening of Partnership Rx as our next-door neighbor. Press Release

APM Chief Program Officer, Hank Millbourne, named honorary chair of The Hotter Than July 20th Anniversary. Article

APM Partnering With University Of Michigan School Of Public Health In Million Dollar Grant Inititave. Press Release.


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