AIDS Partnership Michigan

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mission & history

AIDS Partnership Michigan is the most passionately committed HIV/AIDS organization
in the area. We are interested in only two things: prevention of the disease and
providing the very best services for those who are infected. We are not politicians;
we never sugar-coat the truth. AIDS is an ugly disease, and we want everyone to be
safe. If they can’t, then we at least want them to be well-informed.

We know all the latest developments about the disease, and we will gladly
tell you. We have no secrets; there is nothing too “private” or embarrassing
to discuss. We take HIV and AIDS personally. Those afflicted have names
and faces. We celebrate each victory and grieve each loss. We hold hands.
Until there is a proven cure for this disease, and until all those affected are
properly cared for, we will never rest.

key events in APM history

2015 - AIDS Partnership Michigan and HIV/AIDS Resource Center Merge

2014 - Partnership Rx Opens.

2014 - APM joins The People Living with HIV Stigma Index initiative. 

2014 - APM moves to the historic Fisher Building. 

2013 - William VanHemert appointed CEO of AIDS Partnership Michigan. 

2013 - Executive Director Barbara Murray retires after nearly 25 years. 

2010 - Receives MDCH funding for Community Mobilization Campaign
          Project and website redesign.

2006 - Receives first CDC funding for R.E.C. Boyz Program.

2003 - Receives first federal grant for Pontiac HIV Prevention Project.

1998 - Consolidates offices and moves to 2751 E. Jefferson in Detroit.
          Releases hard-hitting radio and billboard HIV prevention campaign.

1996 - AIDS Care Connection joins Wellness Networks choosing a new
          name, AIDS Partnership Michigan (APM).

1990 - Hank Millbourne hired at AIDS Care Connection.

1989 - Barbara Murray hired as Executive Director of Wellness Networks.

1988 - Wellness Networks moves to 845 Livernois in Ferndale.

1983 - Wellness Networks formed, housed in a small room at Henry Ford
          Hospital, with volunteers answering a referral line.

disclaimers & terms of use

Photos are for illustrative purposes and do
not indicate anyone’s HIV status or sexual orientation.