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When you donate to AIDS Partnership Michigan, you
don’t have to wonder if your money really goes toward
helping people. It does. 92% of all donations to AIDS
Partnership goes into providing programs and services,
an exceptionally high rate for a nonprofit. We thank our
generous corporate donors for the larger efforts they
make possible. But many of our donations are smaller
and come from everyday people who want to make
a difference. Could that be you?dec-element-flower-2.png

the need is great

Despite public perception, HIV marches on. The
latest study shows that 20% of African Americans
can expect to contract the disease in their
lifetimes if we do nothing. And 1 in 5 men who
have sex with men is currently infected, with half
of those unaware.

especially here in Michigan

At the end of 2009, 15,285 individuals were living
with HIV in Michigan. Relatively few people have
been tested, so the actual number is probably
much higher. Without insurance, the medications
for an individual with HIV average $1500 a month.

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