AIDS Partnership Michigan

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counseling & case management


Through the Behavioral Health Services program, APM offers free counseling and therapy 
services for people who are HIV positive, or for those who are affected by HIV. APM’s 
counseling professionals can help those struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, grief, 
changes in life circumstances, and the general challenges of living with HIV/AIDS. We aim to 
provide a practical, supportive approach to help our clients live more satisfying, happy lives.

APM Counseling


case management

People with HIV/AIDS often have needs they
could not anticipate. At no cost, a case manager
will connect the individual with resources in their
community. Case managers are MDHC-trained and
certified. All information you provide is confidential.
Call 1-800-515-3434 to get started.

Medical. Help with medical care, medications, dental
 and insurance issues.
Social services. Help with various local, state and
federal insurance and benefits programs.
Help with durable power of attorney,
guardianship, discrimination.
Support services. Help with financial, medical,
advocacy, substance abuse or mental health issues.
Basic needs. Help with food, clothing and shelter.

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Photos are for illustrative purposes and do not indicate anyone’s HIV status or sexual orientation.