AIDS Partnership Michigan

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apm board and staff

We are pleased to have some extremely competent and respected
professionals serving on our staff and advising us on our board. Many of them
have been with us for years, and we appreciate their wisdom and guidance.
But most of all we thank them for their dedication and inspiration.


Laura Marble, President
Vice President Michigan Delivery Systems and Support
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan  

Lisa Rutledge, Vice President.
Special Projects Director
Western Wayne Family Health Centers 

Christine Sauve, Secretary
Southeast Communities Coordinator
Welcoming Michigan
Michigan Immigrant Rights Center

Tom Wilczak, Executive Committee. Tom is 
Managing Partner at Pepper Hamilton. He is a
past board president.

Adam Drescher, Senior Assurance Attorney,
Ernst & Young, LLP.

 Hank Millbourne, Chief Program Officer, AIDS Partnership Michigan. See bio above right.

Greg Nickert, Independant Consultant.

Rhonda Roman-Miller, Interior Designer,
Rhonda A. Roman Interiors.

William VanHemert, Chief Executive Officer, AIDS Partnership Michigan. See bio above right


William VanHemert
Hank Milbourne


Medical Case Management/Re-Entry/Behavioral Health
Angelique Tomsic, Case Management Director (CMD)
Kelly Gjeldum, Lead Re-Entry Medical Case Manager
Kenny Rose, Lead/Youth Medical Case Manager
Deborah Wilson, Lead Behavioral Health Therapist
Thomas Cobb, Medical Case Manager
Diana Dunbar, Medical Case Manager
Connie Edwards, Medical Case Manager
Sarah Moore, Re-Entry Medical Case Manager
Edgardo Nieves, Latino/a Medical Case Manager
Tony O’Rourke, Re-Entry Medical Case Manager
Aneshia Solomon, Re-Entry Medical Case Manager
April Green, Non-Medical Case Manager
Robyn Lovinggood, Treatment Adherence/Resource Specialist
Star Allen, Therapist 

Linkage To Care
Sylvia Terry-Fleming, Linkage To Care Coordinator
Jennifer Schwartz, Linkage To Care Specialist/Behavioral Health Therapist
Alfredo Smith, Linkage To Care Specialist
Angel Carrion, Linkage to Care Specialist
Chunnika Hodges, Linkage To Care Specialist
Keith Hughes, Linkage To Care Specialist
Christopher Edgan-Smith, Youth Linkage To Care Specialist

Chris Sutton, HIV Prevention Specialist/Lab Coordinator
Clarence Peeples, HIV Prevention Specialist

Community Mobilization/Communications/Volunteer Coordination
Akilah Benton, Community Mobilization/Public Relations Coordinator
Chris Prince, Hotline/Volunteer Coordinator
Michael Wallace, Social Media/Communications Specialist





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